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Happy New Year!

It’s been A Year, and I’ve seen takes out there about how 2021 Will Not Be Better and There Is No Point In Making Resolutions and while we are all entitled to our nihilism and negativity coming out of 2020, I am going to choose hope, because I want to.

Also I love making resolutions. I love the turning of the calendar, I love making lists and I love reaching high, even if I’ll end up falling short.

So! Here are 21 things I want to accomplish in 2021

  1. Write 20 hours per week*
  2. Increase my drafting output to 2,000 words/day, on average, using this method**
  3. Turn this into an official author website
  4. Start a writerly Instagram
  5. Limit social media scrolling to one hour per day. I mean it this time!
  6. Run or walk 3 times per week
  7. Do yoga 3 times per week
  8. Do pelvic floor exercises 3 times per week
  9. Drink 10 glasses of water per day
  10. Find new music to listen to instead of just the same stuff over and over. One new song per week
  11. Weekly date nights with my husband
  12. Book two more freelance jobs
  13. Finish the drafts of three new books. Yes, THREE!
  14. Buy a house***
  15. Sell a book****
  16. Journal every month
  17. Write down things to be happy about every week
  18. Use my DSLR once a month
  19. Post to this blog every month!
  20. Read 52 books this year!
  21. And I’m going to say it again … but I still would like to develop the strength do a headstand without using the wall!

What about you? Are you resolutioning, or do you think I’m ridiculous for even trying?

Either way, Happy 2021!!!

*For an ultimate goal of 1000 hours/year. I almost hit that this year, only 20 hours off!

**I have no delusions about reaching 10K per day the way this author did. My GOD

***I used to not put resolutions in here that were largely beyond my control but I’m putting this out there


Photo by Danil Aksenov on Unsplash

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